Friday, 25 October 2013

Painting Canadian Landscape

Bugaboos Giants, acrylic painting

This great country stretches over 3,855,103 square miles of breathtaking landscape. Artists like me nibble at its incomprehensible vastness and bring morsels of beauty as our small present to the public. I am enchanted and humbled with this honorable task. I paint scenes of popular landmarks but also the hidden beauty of remote, hardly accessible locations.

Style wise, I bridge the traditional landscape subject with contemporary ideas, materials and techniques. My goal is to create visionary art that communicates textures, shapes, colors, and meaning of the landscape through harmonious patterns. In our vast wilderness, harmony is not always obvious or easy to find. There is usually an element of something wild and dissonant that amazes and inspires the viewer, and needs to be emphasized.

For me, Canadian Landscape has this additional ingredient of oddness and abundance of things unexpected and stunning. The effects of fog, the play of sun on the mountain slope, the doings of storms and forest fires, countless conditions that make up our landscape. It all composes itself into great surprising patterns which burn into our minds and hearts.