Painting Puzzles

I sometimes get asked how I create my paintings, so here it is.

Winter Sunset, acrylic, 30x40

BTW this painting will be featured in the Whistler show starting this Saturday. Come visit if you can!

Now about the process. I start by selecting an image which must evoke a strong emotion in me. I respond to interesting patterns, unusual shapes and color combinations, and wonders of nature. After selecting an image, I establish a composition. This is my favorite thing since I develop a unique composition for every painting by applying the theory of Dynamic Symmetry as defined by American artist Jay Hambidge in the 19th century. This theory is based on geometrical shapes inspired by nature and methods of ancient builders and architects. The beauty of this is that even the most complex yet elegant structures can be designed by just using a stick and a rope. 

Once I have constructed the composition, I draw or paint my image into it. This includes adjusting and simplifying shapes to emphasize interesting patterns. Everything from this point on is a usual painting process (perhaps a topic for another article). I apply acrylic paint in many layers, ending with transparent glazes and opaque finishing touches. I especially pay attention to complimenting patterns and shapes with various brushstrokes and to achieving luminescence with subtle variations of analogous colors.

I enjoy complexity in my creative process because it reflects my personality – it's equivalent to inventing my own puzzle and putting it together.