Taking A Breather

I am taking a breather after completing two large bodies of work. Finishing a big project is often followed by a down time that can become a bit too down and a bit too blue. So this time I decided to intercept the blues with a plan. What to do to force some rest before jumping into next action, but still keep the artistic wheels turning? Here is a list of useful tasks that are perfect for a time like this!

  •           Clean up the studio, get rid of things I don’t need any more (done, 6 garbage bags bursting with junk!)
  •           Examine the reject pile, recycle quality stretchers, paint over the smalls to use for sketching, obliterate and throw away the doomed ones (good task to do together with a willing helper)
  •           Frame the pieces that I want to keep for myself and family
  •           Go through the art storage and make sure everything is safe and sound (check for dust, dents and scratches, spiders,…   :-O)
  •           Update the web site with latest works (remind myself that the point is to have everything updated and functional, not to have the world’s most beautiful web site, at least that’s my excuse :-)
  •           Update the electronic archive and refresh all the backups ( at the minimum dump all files in one folder and make a backup)
  •           Watch all the art videos I have been saving and wanting to see (I made a cozy corner in a spare room for this so it feels like a mini vacation and a break from the routine)
  •           Play with pigments, do the color swatches with new pigments (it’s always great to discover fresh new color schemes)
  •           Sketch new composition ideas (I kept the best for the last, this is my absolute favorite. New wild ideas always pop up in this mode!)

I guess I better enjoy it while it lasts because new projects are already begging for attention. The plan for this year is to paint at least three bodies of work: The Lake O’Hara, Wild Coast, and plain air smalls. I can’t believe I wrote this down! Yikes!

Play time!

Studio and storage cleanup done - time to start messing it up again!