Art Studio Ecosystem

Piper's Lagoon, acrylic, 20x24

Another coastal scene is leaving my studio. As always I am sad to see a painting go, but happy to send it into the world. This one was quite a handful, it even made me clean the place.

Studio is the stage where drama unfolds. Sometimes it’s a comedy, sometimes a tragedy, and sometimes all hell breaks loose. It really is the artist's ecosystem

my studio right after it's been cleaned

My organizing system is patterny. Paints, mediums, brushes and palettes are all around the easel. I also have a cupboard for paperwork, a desk for stationary, cabinet for tools and gadgets, a large shelf for canvases and a nook for books, husband and toys. I like to group similar things. I am bothered when a thing gets into a wrong pile. Maybe it’s a symptom of something. Luckily, that only takes precedence when things aren't going well. On a happy day I couldn't care less about spiders invading the reject canvass pile.

Neat art can come out of messy places and vice verse, but it really can go any which way. It’s probably not a good idea to disturb the ecosystem while things are moving well. 

Happy painting!