Beach Palette, acrylic, 24x30

I was wondering if everyone else sometimes gets overwhelmed and bored with all the bureaucratic stuff we are told we must have - resumes, diplomas, statements, memberships, submissions, titles, approvals…the list goes on and on. But there are many contrary examples of people accomplishing their goals, maybe even more likely, without any of those things – burdens, time wasters, distractions? How come a drop-in clinic doctor is always able to help without a six page form I had to fill in for my family doctor?

We are cultivated to follow rules and eventually we may end up missing them and seeking them to save ourselves from the perceived frightening uncertainty.  This is a serious thing that can stifle a creative person and it’s not always easy to shake off.

I remember coming to a revelation one late night that it was entirely up to me to decide what kind of artist I want to be. The more rules I avoid the more interesting choices I can make! Sounds like a duh thing, but it really was an eye opener for me.

So, I can respectfully choose not to enter competitions, shows and events  which take time from my painting, even if everyone and their dog will be there!  It is up to me to decide when to go to my room, and how long to stay there. Even the best food won’t taste good if it’s crammed down our throat. Happiness is in making our own choices.

And in case our choice looks scary, no worries. Steven Pinker wrote that people have an amazing ingrained ability to justify their deeds and perceive they have done well, no matter what happens with them. According to him, we will all eventually be happy, whatever we choose to do. He didn't say at which point this happiness will occur though. I guess that’s up to us to discover.