Another Plein Air Painting Season is Here!

Are you searching for the meaning of life?
Look no further than your (or someone else’s) back yard!

There are few things more joyful than a relaxed day of backyard plein air painting. Add to that a stash of fresh new painting boards and I am in heaven. Here are a few of my sketches with photos that inspired them.

This is my famous backyard setup, all with the giant Utrecht umbrella which was a gift from my hubby from his trip to San Francisco, a few years ago. He somehow managed to board the plane with it in the carry-on luggage. When the pilot spotted it during disembarking, his shock at the sight of a huge spear-looking object on his plane left him speechless. So instead of the customary “thanks for flying with us”, he only managed a dirty look. The umbrella is way too big to carry on a hiking plain air trip, but it works great in the back yard, as witnessed here!

I titled this sketch “A Chair for You My Dear”. Painting dappled sunlight should be prescribed as a treatment against any sort of sadness. I had to finish it in haste due to an overly critical wasp.

You wouldn't believe how mesmerizing a humble garden hose can be.

And finally, the challenge of a circular pavement pattern. I could fiddle with it all day.

Now how much fun was that!

Think you can do this? I bet you will, so grab your paint box and your bug spray and get on with it; there is no better time to start than today (alright, tomorrow morning will do).

Happy painting!