Joy Art

So…what is the purpose of art making?
Should each piece aim for the Guggenheim?

Our dear friend and mentor Bob Genn taught us that when we start taking ourselves too seriously, it's time to remember that "joy is also good"! 

There are serious paintings, experimental paintings, masterpieces, products of out sweat and blood…but there also those lighthearted paintings of pure joy. You all know that joy contributes to good health, so how about taking that to heart for some summer inspiration?

And there is another angle to this, which has to do with Vincent Van Gogh. I recently visited a great exhibition in the Museum de Orsay dedicated to his work. I have carefully read all Vincent's letters to his brother, family and friends, I visited the hospital in Saint-Remy-de-Provence, and by now I feel like I know him quite well.

Vincent at Saint Remy

Aside from his great art, one thing that won me over was Vincent’s love of what he called “the real thing”. He keeps mentioning it in many of his letters in reference to his paintings of real scenes and people that he experienced. The closer to the community, the better according to Vincent. What a noble idea to embrace.

When I am not on a quest to reach and paint those amazing wild natural wonders of Canada, the subject matter of everyday life is all around, begging attention. And from some reason, the community loves to see artists at work. Why, not? I am all for it! 

The White Dog gallery in Whistler is organizing a great Painting the Peaks event this summer, and Port Moody Art Center is organizing an Art in the Garden event.

Me and my portable easel are ready to roll!

Bird Feeder, plein air sketch, acrylic, 11x14

if you are up to it, come visit and cheer us on! Plein air paintings are known to fly of the easels to some great loving homes, what's not to love about that?

On the weekend of July 11/13 you can find me in the vicinity of  the Scandinave Spa in Whistler.

On Saturday, July 19, I will be sketching beautiful garden things on this gorgeous Belcarra property  with a friend artist Adrienne Peacock, thanks to the generous owners Cheryl and Bill Papove. Proceeds from tickets go towards the much needed upgrade of the Port Moody Art Center.

Cheryl's amazing garden with hundreds of gorgeous plants

And what’s happening in your neighborhood? Any opportunities for joy painting? If nothing seems to be going on, perhaps you can gang up with neighbors or fellow artists and organize a community art day. It's bound to be a success, especially if the weather cooperates.

As for me, if you come to call this summer, it's likely that I will be outside, painting the “real thing”! 

Planning of my very exciting fall solo show in the Buckland Southerst gallery is on the back burner for the moment, but some irresistible ideas are already gushing out. The stunning scenery of the Lake O’Hara Park is painting itself in my mind…stay tuned!.