The Inner Student

With the summer speeding by, it's a good time to make the upcoming fall less scary by planning some great art projects, but also some great learning  activities.

With my October show preparations in full swing, I am also aware of the adrenaline depletion that will follow. What better way to rejuvenate the old brain than by learning something new?

Many venues are already publishing their education schedules, and there is a wealth of courses and art books available on line. Here are some of my favorites:

- Federation of Canadian Artists Education Program
- Painter's Keys resources

I am making sure to plan a course or two for late fall, and at the same time I am remembering moments with some of my most favorite teachers.

Demo in the snow by Bob Genn, Banff, May 2011

Stephen Quiller, Gabriola Island 2009; Bob Genn, Bugaboos, 2010; David Langevin, Gabriola Island, 2009; ...and ...ooops, how did this get in here? Just making sure you are paying attention :-)

I am deeply thankful to all the art gurus I have ever met, geniuses and others! I appreciate immensely every morsel of information the gurus had to share because I learned something from every single one of them. The craft, the language, the attitudes - it all makes the world of arts.

And I had some very colorful teachers over the years - the ones that grabbed my brush and found it okay to make the last few strokes on my almost finished painting, the ones who wanted me to buy their signature paints or books, the ones who never did demos "out of principle". One even tried to break into my car with a coat-hanger (pardon me for this insider joke that takes me to a memory of a very dear friend who would be very amused to read this).

My feeling was always that teachers provide much more than they are aware, and especially to the students who are very attentive . Some students are focused on teacher's shortcomings,  overlooking the great buildup of knowledge that can be gathered.

The truth is that you have to find the student within yourself, and that student will find a teacher withing everyone else.

Happy learning!