Time Gap Art

Hungabee Lake, acrylic, 24x30

I am posting one of the paintings I made for my Yoho show, to get reminded of busy days in the studio, and to help me get through November when other projects are keeping me away from the easel.

What to do when there just isn’t any time to make art? Some days just simply don’t have enough hours in them. On the other hand, we get stuck in situations where our time is mercilessly wasted – waiting rooms, gaps between meetings, waiting for a phone call, you get the idea.

I am not talking about luxurious half an hour or more, but about those annoying ten minutes when we can’t really start doing anything meaningful. Rather than succumb to frustration, something can be done if we are prepared. Many people reach for their smart phones, but I prefer a pen and paper.

Here’s an idea. When I am in the office at my day job, I use the smallest size yellow stickers and make tiny sketches with a felt pen and highlighter markers. Due to their small size and thickness of the markers, those things are simple and consist of just a few colored areas and few lines. But, the satisfaction I get from making them surpasses their size and significance. For a minute or two, I am making art, even in an impossible situation. Yep, I am an artist, despite gray padded walls around me.

I stick those on the edge of my computer screen, and on some slow days I have a nice art exhibition going, before it gets archived into the trash can. Nobody ever asked me about them, so I gather that people probably think I am nuts.

I hope this triggers ideas of what can be done with very little, even when we are stuck in the rut of a daily grind.