Art Lover in New York - MOMA

I've been dreaming of visiting art museums of New York for such a long time, I was afraid the real experience wouldn't match my expectations. I needn't have worried. I found everything I hoped for, and way more. Here are my impressions with a few tips for any first time NY visitor, hungry for a huge dose of big city art collections, and a real bite of great food here and there. What can I say, I never managed to make it as a starving artist!

Stop 1. The MOMA  (

MOMA's permanent collection was the main draw for me, so the temporary exhibitions of Latin American Architecture was a pleasant surprise. Also, as a part of the Yoko Ono show, you can catch glimpses of some derrière Ono-Lennon nudity - not really my cup of tea, but it's not lacking fans by any means. For more on Yoko Ono, check out the Ono page on

The main treat for me was the collection of impressionists and post impressionists - it is divine! (Searching for art on MOMA web site by using those terms doesn't give you much. You will find a much better selection from their overview of "Modern Art". It seems to me that "isms" are out of fashion.)

 I was especially struck by Cezanne's stunning mix of landscapes, still life paintings and figurative works. On every visit to an art museum one or two paintings particularly stick out and get etched in my mind, and this time it was The Bather.  The lively brush-marks, the shimmering greys and the simplicity of contours just blew me away. Thank you Mr. Cezanne for a lesson in mastery and elegance!

Another thing to enjoy are views from the gallery windows, of surrounding Manhattan streets and gorgeous buildings.  The tapestry of the city is as rich and satisfying as the artworks on the walls.

Photography is allowed, but you can also use their IPad to take photos of paintings, and they will be emailed to you - super cool! See for more info.

And last but not least, for a hungry visitor, I want to mention that the cafeteria serves very interesting rustic food and deserts. I recommend trying their smack-a-licious banana pudding!

Last view of Manhattan from MOMA before leaving... next stop, the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Stay tuned!