Inspiring Patterns in Nature and Art

Alpine Patterns, 30x24, acrylic painting by Tatjana Mirkov-Popovicki - available in the Buckland Southerst Gallery

Forces that cause changes on our planet sure make some amazing patterns!

I am always fascinated by the beauty of rock patterns, be it on an ocean beach, in a desert, or on the top of a mountain. Even if you look closely at the texture of weathered tree-trunks and wrinkles and creases of our bodies, you can see how elegantly each line is shaped. Erosion is beautiful!

Years ago I used to paint figurative works and marvel at the folds and curvatures of human body, but for many years now I find my main inspiration in nature.

The shapes found in the landscape are a language of change. I think I could spend a lifetime studying that language and creating visual stories.

I've always thought that the life writes best stories, so my creative process is usually triggered by seeing some interesting pattern. Then my imagination takes over, and I develop the image in a direction where muse takes me. Sometimes the result is close to what really is there, other times it ends up completely transformed.

Turns of seasons are especially great times to seek inspiration outside. My hubby and I took a lovely road trip to Okanagan last weekend to admire the autumn foliage. The trip was a great success and we came back with some wonderful reference material. The Manning Provincial Park section  of our journey was especially magical.

Back in the city, with days getting cooler and shorter, it's time to start planning for indoors activities.

Art studios and galleries are great places to visit. If you are in the area, make sure you drop by the Buckland Southerst Gallery in Dunderave Village in West Vancouver, to see what a great job Chris has done updating the space!

In Edmonton, Brent and Marie would love to see you stop by in the Lando Gallery, and in Calgary, I recommend visiting Webster Galleries.

I hope you will enjoy seeing a few of my paintings  on display.

Happy Autumn!