Thursday, 25 February 2016

Open The Gates!

Work in progress on the easel, Taylor Meadows III, 20x24, acrylic painting by Tatjana Mirkov-Popovicki

For a very (very) long time, friends have been sending me subtle and not so subtle hints that they would appreciate visiting my studio at least once before we are all dead. I always nodded and smiled widely, while I dreaded the thought of anyone entering my inner sanctum. The place of my muse. The source of magic, where the unimaginable happens. The things that no mortal shall lay eyes upon, and live to see another day!

To tell the truth, I was thinking more of the unsightly piles of boxes, the always present baskets of laundry, stinky gear spilling out from the gym room, and oh so persistent cobwebs in every nook and cranny. Not to mention the myriad of half-baked sketches, abandoned projects and messy experiments all over the place.

But the truth is that nobody really cares about that stuff except me. That is just simply the personal baggage from who knows when and where, that keeps nagging at me to try and be better organized, more productive, do more with less. Crazy stuff!

So all I did was made sure that my visitors could see finished paintings hanging on the walls, work in progress on the easel, my good sketches and inspiring ideas lined up on the shelves, and that there was a place to sit and chat, so we could all have a pleasant time socializing in the studio.

The big surprise was that good friends really think alike - it turned out that some of them liked my paintings and wanted to take them home. How great is that?

Here are a few paintings that recently left the studio and went to friends' homes and offices.

Whistler Hike II, 20x24, acrylic painting (sold)
North View From Mt Seymour, 30x24, acrylic painting (sold)

Elfin Lakes, 20x24, acrylic painting (sold)

I have a couple of tips in case you need to make your studio a more visitor-friendly space.

- If you are really bothered by the mess in your studio (and if you aren't, good for you!), find just one, most annoying factor and attack that. Mine was the "shipping department" with bags of loose bubble wrap spilling around, and towers of re-used cardboard boxes waiting to be re-re-used. Do you realize that spiders thrive in cardboard?

-  The Easter is around the corner, what better time is there to plan a treasure hunt? I am talking about the stuff that belongs in other parts of the house, and is often searched for and not found in other parts of the house, causing hours of frustration around here. From some reason, the least expected items like to hide in the studio (and who can blame them :-)).You may discover many pairs of husband's glasses, gardening tools, clothing items, scissors, kitchen equipment, light-bulbs, important documents, parts of bicycles, entire bicycles, and all sorts of long lost treasures.

- Last winter I conquered many ancient dusty boxes of paper records, marketing materials, portfolios, photos, anything paper. I burned most of it, which left me with a shockingly few skinny file folders. It's amazing how much of the studio real-state I reclaimed, making it obvious what my work-space was lacking. I added lighting.  I added an office corner. I added shelving. I was able to rearrange the furniture to put everything I needed at an easy reach. There is even a place to display all the greeting cards I'd printed with images of my art, which I can now give to the brave souls who dare to enter my studio after having been shooed away from it for years.

The place is now quite welcoming, the squeaky gates are open!

Do visit one of these days, you will be most welcome!


Friday, 12 February 2016

You Are Invited to The Crystal!

If you are in Whistler on Sunday February 14, 2016, please drop buy, The gallery is packed with wonderful art, there will be goodies to snack on and drink, and I would love to see you!


Taylor Meadows II by Tatjana Mirkov-Popovicki