Thursday, 31 March 2016

Bittersweet March

Sketch of a mountain creek - just pushing paint around...

March has always been the month of awakening, revival, welcoming the fresh and new in the nature. But it is also a reminder of endings, of those who did not make it through.the winter. Ever since I lost my mother in the March of 2008, the early Spring  hasn't been the same, and it never will be.

As years go buy, one tends to start noticing things that are too subtle, or too transparent for youth to observe. Plants in the garden that need replacing, trees fell by winter storms, a neighborhood cat that doesn't come to visit any more.

The branch on the top of the maple tree, where our resident humming bird used to rest, is now empty. Another hummer comes to drink from the feeder, but he has a different favorite spot where he sits and scans the sky for predators.

This little fellow made it through  a few winters in our backyard

The nature pushes on. It doesn't wait for anyone. The world of the living expands to fill all the vacancies, but never completely so.  Not for those of us who know what once was there and now is missed.

I let this March do its thing without trying to make it better of worse. For the most of it, I retreated to the studio and just played, sketched, learned and did various exercises from lessons by some of my favorite teachers. Just pushing the paint, no composing, no trying to make an impression. It felt good. Sometimes all we need is a brush, a canvas, some paint, and an easy project. And of course, my dear art friends to share these little things with.

Sketches and exercises from classes by some of my favorite teachers

Happy Spring everyone, sunny days are ahead!


Wednesday, 2 March 2016

You are Invited!

Group art show and a fundraising event for the Looking Glass Foundation, hosted by the Unison Corporation.

I will have 3 paintings with coastal scenes in the show. (RSVP by March 10)

Paintings by Tatjana Mirkov-Popovicki