My Writing Journey

In 2014 I joined the Writers' Village University community in order to pursue the craft of creative writing. For the past year and a half I have been working on a collection of linked literary stories loosely based on my family history and on a mystery novel set in Vancouver area in British Columbia where I live.
In June 2016 my short story Snow Angels earned Honorable Mention in the Glimmer Train March/April Very Short Fiction contest. It is always great to receive recognition and especially from a highly respectable source as Glimmer Train. Huge thank you to Linda & Susan for reading my story and giving it an Honorable Mention!
So, my writing journey continues with an extra feather in my cap. Dear friends, let's keep exploring our creativity. Art can come from us in many forms.

Update: Just a few days after I published this post, I received a news from The New River Press of Moorhead, Minnesota, US, that my story "Snow Angels" has been selected as one of the twenty finalists in the 2016 American Fiction Award contest, and will be published in their 2017 anthology. This is a really good news, especially for someone who started writing fiction two years ago! Here is a link to the Facebook announcement.

I am grateful to my writers friends from the Writers Village University for helping me learn the ropes and for inspiring me to send my work into the world. 

 facebook announcement