West Vancouver Coast, 24x30, acrylic painting by Tatjana Mirkov-Popovicki

I adore beginnings.

Love to plan compositions, sketch ideas, thumbnails, initial drawing, imprimatura, block in...
Love, love, love!

Any way I start a painting, I am having great fun. Creativity flows! Opportunities sparkle! Choices beckon!

And then, there's a pause.

Opportunities considered, choices made, the painting on the easel waiting for more. Like a girl in a summer dress, waiting for her date who is running late or may never show up, while the storm clouds are gathering in the sky.

This is the moment of a careful consideration. The margins of error narrow down. The cost of error, in time and emotional energy, skyrockets.

Sometimes things flow smoothly from there, sometimes they don't. Sometimes it takes years to get back to those patient paintings waiting to be fixed up.

At  times when something new and exciting is brewing below the surface, I appreciate a distraction of gong back to older works and trying to finish them up. Here are some before and after shots of what recently transpired in the studio.

Before and after images of paintings by Tatjana Mirkov-Popovicki.West Vancouver Coast, Rock Formations, Arbutus Grove, Cypress Afternoon.

You have to be there to know what kind of battles and wars are fought in the art studio. Some are won, some avoided, and some postponed. I like to think that none get completely lost.

Brush is a more worthy weapon than most!

May all your art battles be won,