Friday, 31 May 2019

Non-Profit Art Places

Cheakamus Lake from Harmony Trail, 20x24,
original painting by Tatjana Mirkov-Popovicki

These days, in addition to the commercial art galleries, there are many options for artists to show and sell art in non-profit venues supported by the community. I often send my submissions to such places because I love having my art seen by people who don't normally visit commercial art galleries. It's also a chance to contribute even further because a percentage of each sale goes toward maintaining our wonderful art community spaces.

During the month of June this year, I will have my paintings in five non-profit places. I'll list them all so you can go and check them out if you are in the area and perhaps you'll feel compelled to submit your art there too. If you do, make sure to carefully read their calls for submissions because each venue has its own rules and requirements which must be followed.

Original paintings by Tatjana Mirkov-Popovicki. Small works on display in June 2019 in non-profit venues in the Vancouver area.

The top four pieces are at the Art Box (Silk Purse Arts Centre in West Vancouver).

The second and third row plus the last piece in the bottom row are in the Gallery Bistro in Port Moody.

The first two of the bottom row are in Gallery 1710 in Tsawwassen.

The second last in the bottom row is in the Federation Gallery on Granville Island, Vancouver.

A selection of my paintings will also be displayed in the Jericho Arts Center in Kitsilano, in the lobby of the community theatre.

I am subscribed to The Artist's Journal, a single-source of Calls for Entry for British Columbia artists who paint or draw, helping these artists increase their exposure and income. This is a great resource and I hope there are similar newsletters available in other provinces and countries.

When our art hangs on the walls where many eyes can see it, something good is bound to happen.

So, let's get informed and start submitting!