“Every color, shape, and pattern found in nature is a gift and a reminder to preserve the world’s natural treasures. I collect these gifts and put them on the stage in my paintings, as my offering to the lovers or land and art.”

I am a landscape painter who started and developed an art career while working full time in a demanding hi-tech industry. I've been told that it can't be done, that one has to suffer for their art, but I just kept at it, my own way, on my own schedule. 
Fifteen years later, my art journey has connected me with many like-minded art lovers and my paintings can be found in hundreds of homes and businesses. On this blog, I share gifts that I found on my art journey. 
If you are a fellow art lover who appreciates insights into living an artful life without following a "recipe for success" (what's success anyway?), if you are looking for nuggets of real happiness rather than some elusive grand prize, I hope that you will consider reading my twice-monthly blog. I would love to have one more art friend!


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But one thing that tops it all is the change in color of the sunlight as the earth slants just so for the sun rays to get that amazing pink-gold glow. Last weekend my ...

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Have an artful day!